Siniša Prugovečki
General Manager - LorisQ Inc. (USA), Metroteka d.o.o. (Croatia)

I was born on World Metrology Day, exactly 101* years after the signing of the Metre Convetion.

(* decimal, not binary). For a while, I tried to dodge my destiny by graduating in Astrophysics at the University of Zagreb, but after my brief scientific career in that field, I naturally ended up being a serial metrology entrepreneur. You can witness the power of destiny by finding my astrophysics work cited in scientific papers regarding the CALIBRATION(!) connecting colours, age and iron content in dwarf galaxies and globular clusers.

Anyway, my first project as a metrology entrepreneur was Metroteka calibration lab in Croatia, which received its first ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in 2009. Based primarily on Juran philosophy of service quality it quickly grew to become a local leader in number of accredited methods. Today, its accreditation spans the fields of temperature, relativy humidity, volume, length, density, pressure, pH, conductivity, rotational speed, mass and torque. In the meantime, I served on the boards of directors of Croatian Metrology Institute, Croatian Society for Quality, and I am still doing my time on the board of directors of Croatian Metrological Society.

More recently, I started another metrology-based project, a new company LorisQ, this time based in U.S. and already used in 9 different countries on 3 continents. It is a world-first network-based equipment management platform, built from the feeling of dissatisfaction about the amount of useful data generated by all kinds of measuring instruments’ maintenance activities (calibration first and foremost) worldwide, and not used at all by users of the same instruments. My hope is that with maching learning, in the long-term, we can use this potentially incredible aggregate of data from all around the world to significantly improve the accuracy of all measurements, but also the quality of risk analysis and communication inside and between companies and organizations.

LECTURE: From Cloud Networking to Predictive Measuring Equipment Maintenance for Everyone