Primož Hafner, technical manager Lotrič Metrology d.o.o.

I have been working in metrology my entire life, starting as a calibration staff member in the field, where I get to know the most basic part of metrology. Later, I took over quality management and management of the laboratory. Now, I dedicate most of my time to the strategic development of calibration and testing laboratory, and to the development of individual working methods. I am a mentor to the staff in the company, as well as to the students. Regularly, as an external lecturer, I participate with lectures on the topic of metrology in high schools and faculties. With the internationalization of the LOTRIČ Metrology Group, as a trustee of subsidiaries, I became acquainted with the quality infrastructure of several other countries. As a member of expert groups, I participate in the preparation of expert bases, such as technical recommendations in the framework of standardization or legislation, and strategies in the fields of metrology.

LECTURE: Medical face mask testings

Last half a year coronavirus was on the topics of many researchers and developers. It was also on our agenda, as we did not test medical mask in the past. We had no experiences whatsoever with it. R&D deparment together with testing laboratory started gathering informations in late March. As there are tests related to microorganisms we joint forces with our national biology institute, who has several decades of experiences with bacteria and viruses. We have agreed to develope testing methods from start, so we did not buy any finished machine to build up the test. In the next two moths we esteblished all five methods requested in EN 14683 stadard.