Dott. Paolo Moscatti
Presidente, TEC Eurolab Srl

I am an entrepreneur and before setting up my company, TEC Eurolab, in 1990, I had been working six years as laboratory technician in metallurgical laboratories.
My company, TEC Eurolab, is a testing lab that carries out destructive and non-destructive tests on materials and components to make our customers feel sure that their materials and products comply with project or standards specifications. To achieve this goal, in the automotive, aeronautical and, in general, in the manufacturing industry, I have been leading the development of investments in cutting-edge technologies; one of them is the Computed Tomography used for check of flaws and for dimensional measurements of products and components.
At the same time, I have always shown sensitivity to associative issues: I am convinced that the comparison among operators of conformity assessment bodies creates added value for each company and for the whole community. My activity in the sector led me to the presidency of ALPI, the Italian association of conformity assessment bodies and the vice-presidency of EUROLAB Aisbl, the European federation of national associations of test laboratories.
I am also interested in corporate social responsibility, people's management, skill's development and, after more than thirty years of activity, it remains same passion for empowering people , trying to add and deliver value to people, company and stakeholders.

LECTURE: Scalable Computed Tomography analysis for Additive Manufacturing

Thanks to unprecedented design freedom, metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques have gained a relevant role in the most advanced manufacturing industries: aerospace, biomedical and automotive above
others. However, AM development has brought also challenging testing requirements. On the NDT side, XRay Computed Tomography (CT) is playing the main role enabling to completely inspect AM components
section by section both for defect and metrology analysis.
As AM technologies keep advancing towards denser materials (Inconel 718 and CoCr alloys among others) and higher production rates, NDT tasks are approaching the feasibility limit due to insufficient X-Ray power
and unaffordable recurrent inspection cost for a high number of samples.
During the speech we are going to present how to overcome both these limitations, therefore meeting the next decade industries requirements, thanks to high power 6 MeV CT and automatic defect recognition
through artificial intelligence.

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